“The Land of LiLo is so much more than a children’s book.  It is a guide that offers a powerfully insightful yet amazingly simple explanation of the meaning of life.  It is a book that anyone who dreams of a better world and has a love for humanity should read.”   

Rev. Dr. Nichele L. Carter-Peterson


“The Land of LiLo is a fictional/metaphysical teaching novel which challenges one to discover and redefine self and our relationship to others.  The Land of LiLo is both an engaging book and an instructional model to assist in teaching adults and youth of all ages.  Spiritual educators, parents, grandparents, and others are encouraged to visit the author’s website, Dancing on Sunbeams, to review the suggested activities that accompany the various Land of LiLo chapters.  I highly recommend the Land of LiLo for all ages!”   

Rev. E. Griffin