1. Summarize what happened in Part III – On the Way ….
  2. Who was your favorite leader and why:  Book,  Nejul,  Barko,  Saklor or Myrena?
  3. In Part III, the story states Miss Iknow’s nose changed sizes.   Do you think it did or did it simply appear smaller because her head was no longer up in the air?
  4. Do you think there was something else Myrena could have done to help the giraffes not be so angry?

The journey was a stressful time for the friends (good endings can also be stressful at times).  

In addition to prayer and meditation, yoga also helps people relax and helps some people connect with LiLo.

Suggested Activity 1:    (all ages)

Meditate and then introduce yoga to the children.   Perhaps there is someone in your place of worship who teaches Yoga.    Invite him/her to your class.   The children will love it!

Suggested Activity 2:   (all ages)

If possible, go out for a long, silent walk in a wooded area.  Remind the children to still their outer voices and focus on the beauty of the outdoors.   Weather permitting, encourage the kids to select several fallen leaves and complete a leaf rubbing activity  when you return to the classroom.