Open book with eyes on a stack of books

Suggested Activity:    All ages

This activity will take MANY sessions to complete.    Remember, you are reading for every

session and answering discussion questions and/or meditating.    You will not have much time to

work on the game board.   It is ok.   Take your time!     Enjoy the journey!     ☺

  1. Create a board game.   Explain to each child that they will create a board game in groups of two.    Some kids may want to create their own.    That is fine.   Explain to the children that this board game can be set up like a monopoly game.    
  2. Before they start the board, they will need to sketch a draft of their game.   (You may want to bring in a monopoly board or some other board to look at).  Their sketch should include places to land on,  cards, bonus points, money, whatever they want their game to include!
  3. The adult may want to have all the squares on the board lightly penciled in for students under 4th grade.    Give each group a poster board.     
  4. Each board game must include a LiLo card(s).    LiLo can have a different name.  (God, Jehovah, Allah, etc.)
  5. After everything is sketched in, they should start coloring it with a colored pencil.   Students will also need to write out rules.     (Older kids and adults can help the little ones).

6)     When all are done, play each game!

Note:  adults should obtain game pieces and poster boards for the children.

This activity can be started at any point during Part V.