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  1. Who is the ruler of all the worlds … who is the ruler of the leaders?
  2. Who made him/her the ruler?
  3. Does LiLo’s world remind you of any other place?
  4. Would you like to live there?
  5. Would you like to meet LiLo?
  6. In the beginning, it states that “we are actually One.”   What does Lilo mean by that?     Can you give an example of how a bunch of things can actually be just one thing?

At this point, let the children brainstorm a bit.   After the brainstorming, pour out the contents of a small bag of candy, e.g. Skittles, m&ms.   Explain how there was a “bunch of candy” in the bag, but it is only one bag of candy.   Each candy is connected to the other piece because it is in the same bag of candy.    Discuss how the candy is all different colors, but it is still one bag of candy.   They are all skittles or m & ms regardless of their color and they all belong to the one bag.   

Give each child their own small bag of candy to enjoy and  proceed to the activity.  (Feel free to use something nutritional as opposed to candy.)   

Suggested Activity for all ages:      Draw a picture of LiLo’s physical world.  (not of LiLo)   Be sure to include as much detail as you can remember from the story.