Hands in a circle
Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash
  1. Do you think it’s fair that Raffee, Nomnee and Book are in a cell?
  2. What do you think the friends should do?

Suggested Activity:   All children!  

Tell all the children they can color or read.   Give each child four cookies but tell them not to touch them or eat them until told to do so.   Make sure everyone’s cookies are in plain sight.

Remind the children there can be no talking whatsoever.    Any questions they have will be answered at the end of the drawing time.    Set a timer for 10 minutes.

Once the children begin drawing, select several different children to leave the room on pretend assignments (although they do not know the assignments aren’t real).    When the  children leave, take one or two of their cookies.   Pay no attention to the children when they realize their cookie(s) is gone.   Remind them of the no talking rule.     After 10 minutes stop the drawing assignment (most children will not be finished as they will become unfocused as they realize you are taking away cookies when called upon).    

When the timer rings, look around the room and verbally note how some children are missing cookies.   Ask the children how they felt when they returned and their cookies had disappeared/vanished?   What emotion did they feel?   What action did they want to take when they realized their cookies were gone?   Ask them if there was anyone in LiLo who saw things disappear and then became angry?   What happened when that person became angry?   Ask the children who didn’t have cookies taken from them how they felt?   Did they feel bad for the people who had their cookies taken away?     Are they going to share some of their cookies with them now?

Return ALL cookies to the children (give them a beverage as well … this activity is hard for some children for various reasons).   As they appreciate their snack, discuss the choices that were made in LiLo and the choices that were made in class today.   Remind the children that they are responsible for the choices they make/or don’t make in life.