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The Land of LiLo is a book that summarizes the journey of people, animals, and animated mystical characters to the land of Light and Love (LiLo).  Giraffes that play the cello in the clouds, kittens that swim in bubbles, and flying marshmallows are some of the souls that must face their own self-made obstacles as they travel towards LiLo … something which is more loving and more powerful than anything they have ever known.   As their paths meet, they realize that they (we!) are all One and a stronger connection to LiLo, through meditation, is needed to help them along their journey.    

 This book is written for children, aged 7 and above, parents, grandparents, teachers, and other spiritually attuned adults;  especially Sunday School teachers, to read with children.   It is not intended to be read in one session but over a period of time, so children can practice meditating. 

Please click the Activities tab in the menu bar under The Land of LiLo drop-down.  There you will find suggested activities for children to complete at the end of each section.   

“With God, let your passion lead you in ways unimagined.”