Silhouette of lady praying
Photo by William Farlow on Unsplash
  1. Have the children review what they predicted might happen at the end of this section.

          Encourage the children to share their predictions with the class!

  1. Ask the children if they think it is important to pray about things before you take action? Perhaps before a hard test at school or a soccer game?   Maybe before you go out on the playground where a bully might be?   
  2. Ask the children if they pray, and if so, when?

Encourage the children to contribute any comments they have regarding prayer and then move  on to the suggested activity. 

Suggested Activity 1:  (all ages)

Lead the children in a guided meditation session.   If the children are small, they will not be able to sit still for very long.    The older the child, the longer they can meditate.   Feel free to modify the meditation in LiLo (or another book of your choice) or create your own guided meditation.  

You should continue to meditate at each session to help the children become comfortable in the Silence.   

Suggested Activity 2:   (all ages)

Ask a prayer chaplain or minister to visit your class and help you teach children how to pray.    If possible, have them pray for something/someone and drop it in the prayer box.   (Be sure to remind an adult to respond to the child).