Captain with red gloves

  1. Who is “Nejul?”
  2. Who is “Captain?”
  3. What does he look like?   (Answers may vary but it should include a red glove!)
  4. Why does Captain give some people red cards?
  5. What are some positive things you can do when people annoy you?
  6. At the end of the Gloved section,  Anitra indicated she was going to write a letter to LiLo.     What do you think she said to LiLo?   What would You say? 

Suggested Activity 1:  (younger children)

Use a ball (a beach ball works just fine) and “write” a letter to LiLo by passing the beach ball to each person in the group approximately three times.    Every time the ball is caught, the catcher continues the letter to LiLo.  One sentence (or phrase) per turn.  The letter must begin with Dear LiLo …     If possible, it is helpful to record the “letter” so it can be debriefed later.  

Suggested Activity 2:  (older children)

Ask each child to write a letter to LiLo about The Gloved Land.   Any and all comments about the red cards, the guards, Anitra, Nejul, etc. should be encouraged.   Some children will want to add a picture … that is fine.    Put all letters in a big envelope and either address them to LiLo or address them to the author of LiLo.   (You will receive a response!)