1. Who is Barko?
  2. Do you think the Puppies know LiLo?   What makes you think so?
  3. If you were a puppy, would you like to swing in the branches of trees?

Activity Suggestion 1:  (younger children)

Think of an activity that makes you happy.   Is it running, singing, playing?    Let’s be like the puppies and remember that LiLo is all good, all the time.   Let’s just have fun now!    (If weather permits, head outside!)

Activity Suggestion 2:  (older  children)

Most people usually think puppies are  cute, happy animals.   Did you know that there are people, who like puppies, see the good in all things and consequently are happy almost all of the time!    

Let’s see if you can find “happiness” in any situation!   

Adult:  Fill a brown paper bag with a number of items.    The items can be anything; erasers, pine cone, pencil, tissue paper, a half-eaten candy bar, an orange …

Invite each child to close their eyes and pick an item out of the bag.   Once they have done so, go around the room and encourage each child to think of why their item is happy and carefree.    Example:   Older child closes their eyes, reaches into the bag, opens their eyes, and see that they have selected an eraser.   Child says, “My name is eraser and I am happy because I can correct

mistakes and because I can give people a 2nd chance to get something right.  That makes me happy!

If a student appears “stuck” , encourage other students to help them come up with a reason why their item is happy.