1. Who is the ruler of the Giraffes?   
  2. Describe the giraffes!
  3. Where do the giraffes live?
  4. How do the giraffes get to the Land of the Gloved?
  5. The giraffes play the cello and harp.   Do you think that is possible?  
  6. Do you plan an instrument?   Which one would you play if you could?

Suggested Activity (all ages).     

Create a giraffe collage!  Using magazines  and outlines of giraffes provided by the adult, each child colors and  cuts out pictures of giraffes.

As the children create the giraffe collage, the adult should play cello music and harp music.   Ask the students which sound they like the most?  Play music with a variety of instruments and discuss what sounds beautiful to them.   Reminding the children that LiLo loves all kinds of people, encourage the children to show appreciation for all types of musical instruments.