Ms. Iknow

  1. Who is Ms. IKnow?
  2. Who is Book?
  3. Can every answer be found in Book?
  4. Do you think Mr. Eckridge and Ms. Iknow were nice to Josh?
  5. What would you do if a kid you didn’t know was walking down your street?

Suggested Activity 1: (younger children)

Using Lego blocks and other building toys, build Miss IKnow’s neighborhood!

Suggested Activity 2:  (older children)   Create a Book!

The adult will have various colors of quarter sheet pieces of paper.  Children will select 12 and staple them together,     Instruct the children to write My Book on the first page.  They should feel free to decorate it to make it theirs.    Then on each page, a child should write down a question they want an answer to.   It can be any question and the children should be encouraged to go to others (and go within) to find the answers to their questions!     At the end of “The Land of LiLo”, there will be an opportunity for them to share their book with the class..